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Aug 14, 2013 4:00am PDT
general, including those in texas and arizona where the respective airlines are headquartered, the feds say the "transaction would result in consumers paying the price in higher airfares, higher fees and fewer choices." "the doj is going to gain some credibility as the protector of consumers. but at the end of the day, it's going to hurt the airlines, themselves." in a joint statement, american and us airways said: "we will fight them. our proposed merger is the best path forward for both airlines and all of our stakeholders." "the doomsday of monopoly never seems to happen,but there are some real issues to trade-off." in washington d.c., a combined american-us airways would control 69% of the limited take-off and landing slots, there. and along with a string of recent mergers that has reduced the overall number of airlines, a combined american- us airways would leave four airlines with 80% of the u-s commercial air travel market. but not everyone fears fewer choices "this is a brutally competitive business, they will continue to fight on price just as they do today." airline stocks fe
Aug 5, 2013 4:00am PDT
, ever heard of athlon energy? you'll wish you had. the texas oil and gas company had its ipo friday. shares priced in at 20 dollars, which was said to be high. they opened at 26 dollars. within a few hours, its stock was up by more than 35%. it closed at $27.56. what's going on here? let's talk to tim mulholland with china america capital. tim, everybody's caught up in the froth here. you're looking at the fundamentals of this market. what do you see? - if you look at the fundamentals of this market, you can't be real encouraged. what you're seeing is earnings driving the market, but earnings driven by stock share buybacks and cost-cutting measures and those sort of things. margins are at their highs. you're really not seeing investment in the future. also, we know the economy's nothing to really scream about. from a fundamental standpoint, no, but fundamentals usually never win. in the short run, what you have is a fed that's printing money like crazy and looks like they're going to continue expanding their balance sheet and staying in the game, which i think is underpinning this m
Aug 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
. representative michael mccaul of texas is noted to have a net worth of at $101 million.on the senate side-- democrat mark warner of virginia-- has a portfolio worth 88-million dollars. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is reportedly worth 3.9 million. signing up for your company's 401k plan is a quick way to build up your own portfolio.but a new survey shows americans are feeling confused and overwhelmed by the process.we have dave gray-- head of the 401k client experience at charles schwab on the line with us this morning.good morning.why are americans feeling so much angst about their 401k accounts? > >i can understand that because if you are uncertain as to how to invest and yet you know that this is your largest or primary source of retirement income it certainly makes sense that it would cause some stress. one of the key things we found in a survey is that americans are really accepting responsibility for their retirement future but the key item here as well is that they're uncertain how to make the most of it. retirement plans are often more confusing to individuals than heal
Aug 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
push back. reuters reports-- political and business leaders in florida, texas and north carolina want the deal to go through, they say its better for their local economies. also american and u.s. air are said to be pushing for a fast trial.they are asking the judge to hear the antitrust case november 12th.the government is suing to halt the airline merger because it creates the world's largest airline and could hurt consumers. would you pay extra for an airline ticket that guaranteed you wouldn't have to sit next to a small child? an increasing number of airlines think you would. for fees ranging from $4 to $25 several asian carriers including singapore airlines and air asia x are offering child- free zones. analysts caution a backlash could hit any u-s- carrier that attempts to implement something similar. still to come: if moves by the fed have you worried about your bond investments --- a guest on our show will help ease your fears... plus...some teen retailers are losing which ones are part of the in crowd.. and,are we approaching the death of the department store?
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4